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Academic Year 2016: A new beginning

12,300 children will be admitted to STD 1 and a somehow lesser number in Form 1. We met some of those budding students to learn about their feelings concerning this new beginning in their lives. There were 12,300 admissions applications for admissions to Standard 1 in public primary schools as at 8 January 2016. The Ministry of Education has registered 11,686 requests for Mauritius, 667 for Rodrigues and 8 for Agalega. However, there has been a decline in request for admission numbers regarding public primary schools since 2014. For the beginning of school year 2015, there were 10,614, against 12,912 in 2013. For school year 2016, some parents have turned to private primary school for their children. However, there is an average of 500 requests for admissions for Standard 1 in public primary school across the four education zones of the island.

Standard 1

Abhay Jahree: “I love my new school”

5-year old Abhay will join Orchard Kids primary school this year. He is very excited to go to his new school. “I had gone to visit my new school and I liked it very much. I like the structure and it is very spacious. I love the big slide we have there,” he shares happily. Abhay’s mother explains that his son still believes that primary school will be the same as pre-primary. But she maintains that just to help him to adapt, she has been giving him some homework during holidays. Abhay is all set to wear his new uniforms and take his new bag for school.

Romain Pellegrin: “I want to go to school”

Romain has been troubling his mother each and every day during holidays because the little boy has been eager to join his new school, Notre Dame De Lorette RCA Port-Louis. “I want to go to school because I get bored at home. I have been to my school for a small visit and I really like it. My two cousins also will be in my class. So I already have two friends,” he reveals. Karen, the mother of Romain states that his son will no doubt adapt himself quickly in the new environment. “He is a child who loves school and has never cried to go to school. Even if he is still unaware of what awaits him for this new academic journey, he will really like it,” she confides.

Form 1

Haajarah Nubeebokus: “I am very impatient to return to school”

11-year old Haajarah passed her CPE exams with flying colours and she is joining Doha Secondary School. Residing at Rose-Belle, Haajarah’s first choice was this school. Since Standard I, she has been commuting to and fro and she is now used to it. “I am very happy that I will be joining Form 1. It is the start for a new journey. It is an immense pleasure. I am not stressed at all. Besides, my former classmates also are joining the same school. So I will have my friends and make new ones as well. I am very impatient to go back to school. New books, new bags and a new beginning,” she shares. Haajarah inspires to become a teacher. Krisha Ronoowah: “I am very excited to start Form 1” Krisha, 10 years old, has been admitted to the Mahatma Gandhi SSS Flacq. She is very happy with her new college. “I am very excited to start Form 1 and join a new school. I will be making new friends and studying new subjects. Even though I have to travel by bus alone, I am not afraid. I have a few friends going to the same college, so I will not be alone,” she reveals. It will be completely a new experience for Krisha but she is ready to face a new life at college. “When I had gone for admission, my mother taught me where to get down and how to head towards school. I managed to do it by myself, as my mother watched me,” she says.


[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"7926","attributes":{"class":"media-image size-medium wp-image-13277 alignleft","typeof":"foaf:Image","style":"","width":"256","height":"300","alt":"Rihaana Sookur"}}]]Rihaana Sookur It will be her very first day at school. 3-year old Rihaana Sookur will join her pre-primary school on January 8. The little girl says she is excited “to go to school, to make friends, meet teachers and to play with toys.” Her mother Raziana says that she has already prepared everything to make her daughter’s first day at school perfect. “We have already bought all her school materials. As Rihaana is a big fan of the cartoon ‘Frozen’, she asked us to buy her ‘Frozen’ themed school bag, school shoes and other materials as well,” she says. However, Raziana explains that she is quite worried and stressed for her daughter’s initial school days as she has never been to any kindergarten before. “My mother, that is Rihaana’s grand-mother, has always looked after her. She has thus never attended any kindergarten. So, I am quite worried about her reaction during her first days at school. It will be the first time that we will leave her alone. In addition, Rihaana is different from other children when it comes to eating. She does not eat a full meal. She just likes to have her milk and cereal. This also worries me but I believe that she will adapt with time,” explains Raziana. [[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"7927","attributes":{"class":"media-image alignright wp-image-13278","typeof":"foaf:Image","style":"","width":"200","height":"537","alt":"Jayden Joly"}}]]Jayden Joly Jayden has celebrated his third birthday in December. The little boy residing at Sainte Croix will attend his first pre-primary school in Port Louis city centre this January. Jayden has however already attended adaptation classes in December. His mother Lovena explains that the family has just come back from Belgium where they used to reside. “During two week’s, Jayden attended adaptation classes at his new school. This has helped him to adapt to the environment and teachers. He also attended two months of pre-primary schooling in Belgium. This has also helped him to get used to the school environment,” she explains. The mother says that Jayden is in fact excited as he has already prepared his school materials. “He even knows the way to school.” Lovena says that she is not worried for her son’s first day at school. “I am sending Jayden to school with peace of mind as I know his school and teachers well. However, the only thing is that he requests that both his father and I drop him at school every morning. Sometimes, it is difficult but I trust that with time he will feel more secure,” says Lovena.
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